Firehawks: Mission Critical

By March 3, 2014LACoFD News

Copter 16

Our Department’s Air Operations has proudly served the residents of Los Angeles County since its inception in 1957. Included in their “air attack” arsenal is the Sikorsky S-70 Firehawk helicopter, which is powered by General Electric (GE) T700 engines. In the above video produced by GE, the viewer can experience what it is like to fly as a member of one of our air squads. States GE, “Whether they are providing timely search and rescue service, deploying crews to fight fires on the front lines, or dropping water from their 1000 gallon tanks to aid in putting out fires quickly, these GE T700 powered Firehawks have quickly become the most valuable tool in [LACoFD’s] firefighting and rescue arsenal.”