LA County Fire Department Fuel Modification Headquarters

605 N. Angeleno Ave 
Azusa, CA 91702

Office Hours: 8am to 4pm M- Th for plan submittal and general questions. Plan checkers are also available by appointment. 

For further inquiries/communication please email

The Fuel Modification Unit is responsible for the approval of a landscape and irrigation plan for structures located in the Fire Hazard Severity Zones. The process of approval consists of reviewing aspects such as structure location and type of construction, topography, slope, amount and arrangement of vegetation and overall site settings. Our objective through this approval plan process is to create defensible space necessary for effective fire protection of homes in the Fire Hazard Severity Zones.

Fuel Modification Qualifying Conditions

General Fuel Modification Process

  1. Submit two (2) copies of Landscape plans, a (1) set of color photographs, with Application Form, with  Plan Notes on plan. 
  2. Project will be reviewed. Approval/Corrections/ Associated documents will be returned to application contact for the follow-up.
  3. Site inspection, for occupancy, upon completion of landscape install.

The Fuel Modification plan consists of Zones A, B, and C. These zones are drawn as concentric circles around each structure ex-tending to the property line. Zone A extends from the outermost edge of the structure or appendage outward 20 feet, Zone B extends from the edge of Zone A outward 80 feet, and Zone C extends from the edge of Zone B outward 100 feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to submit?

 Please see the Submittal Form checklist and example plans on the website.

Where do I submit plans?

 Plans can be mailed, or dropped off Monday-Thursday from the following location:

ATTENTION: Fuel Modification 

605 N. Angeleno Ave
Azusa CA 91702

Where do I send fees?

In Person / Drop off: 5801 S. Eastern Ave, Suite 130
Commerce, CA 90040

Mail: Attention: Financial Management Division
County of Los Angeles Fire Department
P. O. Box 910901
Commerce, CA 90091-0901

How much will it cost?

Fees are based on Type of structure, number of structures and square footage. These fees are assessed after the plan has been submitted.

When do I get an inspection?

After the plan has been approved, fees paid Covenant and Agreement received and the landscape installed, please call the Fuel Modification Unit at (626) 969-5205 to schedule an onsite inspection.

How long does it take?

Our goal is to review your plan within ten business days (depending upon volume).

Where will my plans be sent?

All correspondence is sent to the contact listed on the application