The Rescue Boat Section of the lifeguard Division operates a fleet of 10 Baywatch Rescue Boats with another boat being built currently and expected to reach the field in the coming year. The Rescue Boats are under the command of the designated Rescue Boat Section Chief, with operations based at Cabrillo, Redondo, Marina Del Rey, Malibu and on Catalina island at Isthmus and Avalon.

A Rescue Boat Captain operates the various boats with an Ocean Lifeguard Specialist as the deckhand.  The Rescue Boat Section Chief coordinates boat maintenance, repairs and scheduling. Ocean Lifeguard beach services are provided for the city of Avalon and overseen by the on duty Rescue Boat Captain. Paramedic services are provided in both the surrounding waters and interior of Catalina Island by Baywatch Avalon and Isthmus.

Day in the life...Rescue Boats. By OL Josh Williams