The L.A. County Fire Department’s Underwater Rescue & Recovery Unit (URRU) Dive Team is made up of highly trained Ocean Lifeguard Specialist (25), Captains (3) and a Chief (1). These individuals conduct dive training on a weekly basis throughout L.A. County. The training includes a variety of search patterns, heavy object hoisting, entanglement drills, tow bar exercises and rapid ascents in both low and high visibility diving locations.

URRU Response Types:

  • Missing Swimmers
  • Missing Divers
  • Vessel Sinking/ Sunken Vessels
  • Vessel on the Beach
  • Vehicle in the Water/ Sunken Vehicles
  • Aircraft in the Water/ Sunken Aircraft
  • Vessel Inspection

The URRU has a rich tradition and history as the oldest organized dive team in the United States.


In 1954 Al Tillman and L.A. County Lifeguard Bev Morgan created the first public skin and scuba training program in the US, the L.A. County UICC. This became the model for all public scuba certification agencies today. In 1956 the L.A. County Board of Supervisors mandated the creation of the first ever public safety dive team in the united states. This dive team has responded to a variety of calls throughout the years including downed aircraft, missing divers and swimmers, sunken vessels and many more. They have been an incredible asset to all of L.A. County and have helped other agencies throughout the country start organized dive teams.
URRU photo

The URRU would like to remind divers to:          

Plan your dive and dive your plan!