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February 2014

Eight-Year-Old Boy Saves Family from Whittier Fire

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niccoloIn the early morning hours of November 19, eight-year-old Niccolo Owens was sleeping in a bedroom on the second story of his grandparents’ home in Whittier when he was woken by the smell of smoke.  To his horror, he realized that the bed his uncle was sleeping on was on fire.  Instantly, he began to cry out “Fire! Fire!,” rousing everyone in the house – his grandparents, mother, sister and uncle – from their sleep, allowing them to escape the burning home unharmed. Read More

Fire Station 61 Personnel Reunited with Rescued Toddler

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certmoulage1On February 15, Fire Fighter Paramedic Gary Durian was working his shift at Fire Station 61 when he once again saw the thank-you poster he and his fellow crewmates had received one year ago, when they helped save the life of a non-breathing toddler girl. Realizing it had been almost a year since the emotional rescue, he began to make plans to visit the family to see how she was doing, when lo and behold, the parents began walking into the station holding their now two-year-old daughter Anabel. Read More

Battalion 11 Rescues Six Cats in Lingard Incident

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lancasterhousefireedfrommeravtimesOn February 12, Battalion 11 firefighters saved the lives of six cats caught in a house fire at 343 East Lingard Street in the City of Lancaster. A total of 14 cats were living in the residence, and our firefighters worked diligently to rescue all of them from the burning home, utilizing pet oxygen masks to save the six who were found alive during initial search and rescue efforts. Read More

Fire Station 27 Sends Off Unit 376 of Bell with Honor

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fs27unit376On February 3, Fire Station 27 personnel were among the well-wishers escorting the soldiers of the 376th Human Resources Company, 371st Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 311th Expeditionary Sustainment Command from their base in the City of Bell to the airport to begin their nine-month tour of duty in Afghanistan. While Fire Station 27 has regularly welcomed home troops returning from their deployments, this was the first time we helped see a unit off before heading out to their mission. Our rigs proudly displayed the American flag to the departing troops, happily surprising them and their families on this solemn day.

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Health Hazardous Materials Division Receives Environmental Achievement Award

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cupa2014-013On February 4, the State of California Environmental Protection Agency presented its Secretary’s Award for Environmental Achievement to Health Hazardous Materials Division for its work as a Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) at the annual California Unified Program Training Conference held in San Francisco.  Chief Deputy Mike Metro, HHMD Chief Bill Jones and HHMD staff received their award in front over 800 of their peers in a special presentation.  This honor is particularly unique, in that it historically has been bestowed to individuals, where this year was the first time it was presented to an entire department. Read More

Black History Month Salute to Battalion Chief Veronie Steele-Small

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veronie-steele-smallWhen it came time for Recruit #38 in the 78th Recruit Class to demonstrate her ability to put up a 150-pound, 24-foot wooden ladder against the side of the training tower at headquarters, a small crowd gathered on the grinder.  Everyone was wondering whether or not this petite-framed firefighter trainee weighing just 105 pounds could do it.  So when she threw it up against the tower without a struggle, more than a few were surprised. Read More