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April 2014

Gifts of Time

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rookie-Mickey-rookWhen the time came for Lifeguard Section Chief Mickey Gallagher to retire, he realized what a workaholic he had been.  He loved his job, the beach, diving and the adrenaline rush of the emergency scene ever since this 59-year-old discovered the thrill of the lifeguarding profession.

As a 17-year-old student at Venice High School, he was a competitive swimmer. His coach encouraged all members of the school’s swim team to try out for the upcoming lifeguard test with the City of Los Angeles. It was the Summer of 1972, and for the first time, the City opened up the lifeguarding opportunity to 17-year-olds. Gallagher would not turn 18 until that October, so he decided to jump at the chance to test. Read More

Remembering our Heroes: Firefighters Memorial Ceremony

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memorial_2014The soothing sound of bagpipes and a gentle spring breeze provided the perfect setting for Fire Chief Daryl Osby and his Executive Team to pay tribute to our Department’s fallen heroes at the annual Firefighters Memorial Ceremony held on April 23 at headquarters. Chief officers and chaplains escorted surviving family members to their seats as our Department gathered once again to remember those members who gave their lives to protect the lives and property of others. Joining the ceremony this year was Los Angeles County Sheriff John Scott and Rick Velasquez, chief of staff for County Supervisor Don Knabe of the Fourth District. Read More

NWS Predicts Record Temperatures during L.A. County Heat Wave Tuesday 4/29-Thursday 5/1

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Heat Wave

The National Weather Services has forecasted that an unseasonably warm heat wave will hit L.A. County starting Tuesday April, 29th and ending Thursday May, 1rst. Temperatures will reach into the 80’s in the coastal areas and hotter inland areas of L.A. County may reach triple digits.

Click Here for a list of Cooling Centers in L.A. County!! Read More

Gale Force Winds Wash Sailboat with 2 POB Ashore at Isthmus on Catalina Island Saturday Night 4/26. Baywatch Isthmus Responds

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 Isthmus Sailboat

On Saturday 4/26 at 4:20am Baywatch Isthmus was alerted to a “mayday” call of a vessel coming aground. With Gale Force winds in the area and 4ft seas in the harbor the 27ft Catalina Sailboat with 2 persons on board (POB) had broken free of anchor off of an area called little fishermans near the Isthmus Harbor.

Baywatch Isthmus Responded notifying LACoFD Patrol 155, LA County Sherriffs and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Read More

Hoist Rescue After 25ft Fall at Pirates Cove in Malibu

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On Friday 4/25/14 at 3:19pm dispatch received a 911 call for an adult male who fell 25ft off of a cliff at Pirates Cove in Malibu. The Baywatch Malibu deckhand was first on scene swimming in from the boat due to the rugged terrain and lack of easy access to the area. LG332, A30 and LR300 followed along with LACoFD Engine and Squad 71, Quint 125, USAR 103 and Battalion 5. The 27 year old Male patient complained of severe back pain and C-Spine precautions were taken. Copter 16 then hoisted the patient out of the cove because of the lack of access and a landing zone at the isolated stretch of coastline. He was transported to a local area hospital. Read More

Active Shooter Drills: Preparing for “The Worst” with Tactical EMS

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Vehicle-Extraction-exerciseThe FBI defines an active shooter as a person actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area; in most cases, active shooters use firearms, and there is not pattern or method to their selection of victims. Our personnel, led by our Homeland Security Section, continue to practice saving our citizens wounded in active shootings.  Last month, at an Active Shooter Drill at Temple City High School, their staff, faculty and students, Battalion 10 Chief Eleni Pappas, Battalion 10 units, our Homeland Security Section (HSS) and our Sheriff (LASD) Special Enforcement Bureau  group trained together to prepare for the worst. Read More

Fire Suppression Aids Prepare for the Fire Fighter Trainee Exam

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DGM0915Whenever a wildfire breaks out in Los Angeles County, our Department moves quickly into overdrive to keep it from growing. Fire moves 16 times faster uphill, so the name of the game is knockdown and containment. Wildfire attack plays out on the ground and in the air, as water-dropping helicopters whirl to the scene, and engine companies and camp crews race into the hillsides. Read More