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May 2014

Memorial Day Holiday Weekend

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Memorial Day Holiday Weekend is here and for many of us that means fun in the sun at some of the famous L.A. County Beaches.

While you are out this weekend, please take a moment to honor the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy our freedoms!!! Thank you to all of the men an women who fight and have fought for our Military and all of their families!! We will NEVER forget why we celebrate Memorial Day!!!


 If you plan on going to the beach this weekend, we would like to give you some valuable information so that you can enjoy safely!

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El Nino Watch, NWS Forecasters Predict > 65% Chance of El Nino Forming This Summer

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National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center Forecasters have predicted a greater than 65% chance that the oceans water surface temperatures will shift into an El Nino pattern in late Summer 2014. The now 65% chance of El Nino is an Increase from the 50% chance the forecasters had predicted in early april. We have currently been in an ENSO Neutral pattern for the past year. This possible change from Neutral to El Nino could cause a shift in Southern California weather. Read More

Governor Brown Issues Proclamation Declaring Wildfire Awareness Week

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Engine Strike teams on Hwy 14 on Buckweed FireWildfires are a natural, periodic occurrence in California. Many native species depend on cyclical fires for survival. Unfortunately, this natural process often conflicts with human land use, and careless or malicious human activity causes many fires that would not have occurred naturally. In order to continue to enjoy the economic and recreational benefits of our wilderness lands, we must strive to achieve a balance between California’s fire ecology and the need to protect human life and property. Read More

FDNY Rescue 5 to Visit LACoFD

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rescue-5-pic10On May 11, Rescue 5 of the New York City Fire Department, a rolling museum of the events of September 11, will begin its first 60 days of a two-part tour across our communities to help local residents learn more about the heroes of the New York City Fire Department.  This historic engine has been restored after surviving the terrorist attacks of that fateful day. All members of her crew perished in the attack on the World Trade Center but this rig survived to tell its story. Read More

CPR Training at Annual First Ladies Health Initiative

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Sidewalk-CPR-013Declared “First Ladies’ Health Day” by the Board of Supervisors, April 27 was a day of empowerment for many Los Angeles County residents.  On this day, over 40 first ladies from churches in Los Angeles County banded together to save lives in the Third Annual First Ladies Health Initiative. Sponsored by Walgreens, the first ladies and their respective churches teamed with health care providers from 70 medical organizations to reach out to their communities. The result was a County-wide health day to provide information and free health screenings for high blood pressure, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, breast cancer and other critical diseases. In addition, 14 participating churches hosted our firefighters as they conducted Hands-Only CPR training. Read More

Paramedic Training Institute Class 229

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Class-229On April 29, fourteen of our firefighters graduated from the Los Angeles County Paramedic Training Institute, making them proud members of Class 229.  The full-time program took approximately six months to complete and was divided into three phases: Classroom – approximately 13 weeks to complete with a five-day-a-week schedule; Clinical Internship – approximately four weeks to complete with a 40-hour work week schedule; and Field Internship – a minimum of eight weeks with a minimum of 20, 24-hour shifts. Read More