5 SCUBA Divers Rescued by Baywatch Avalon at Avalon Dive Park

By April 30, 2014LG News


At 12:30pm on Wednesday April 30th 5 SCUBA divers that descended in calm conditions in the Avalon Dive Park had to be rescued by Baywatch Avalon and assisting agencies. When the divers surfaced, Santa Ana Winds kicked up to 25 knots with 6 foot surging surf and backwash.


The divers were unable to get back to land after the wind and surf cut them off from their only escape route. The Baywatch Avalon Paramedic Deckhand dove into the water to rescue three of the divers and the other two were pulled up onto the Rescue Boat by the Baywatch Avalon Captain. All divers were taken aboard Baywatch Avalon and evaluated. The 5 divers were rescued without injury.

LA County Fire patrol 55, Avalon Fire Department and Avalon Harbor Patrol were instrumental in the rescue with both waterside and landslide assistance.

For more information on the great work our Catalina Lifeguard Paramedics do click HERE.