Congratulations 60th Explorer Fire Academy Graduates

By March 30, 2018LACoFD News
60th Explorer Academy

Photo by Derek Endo.

The County of Los Angeles Fire Department (LACoFD) held its 60th Explorer Fire Academy graduation ceremony on Saturday, March 24, 2018, at the Del Valle Regional Training Center. Fire Chief Daryl L. Osby attended with Acting Assistant Fire Chief Henry Rodriguez to congratulate the newly certified explorer graduates.

In his remarks, Chief Osby congratulated the 66 graduates for their hard work and dedication, and commended the Explorer Program in the milestone achievement of graduating its 60th class of explorers.

Class speaker and Board of Supervisors Award Recipient David Madrigal, gave a moving speech on the important role that being an explorer had played in his life. He shared how he had been through many challenges with his family and even became homeless as a result of a family member suffering from a drug addiction. When he became an explorer, Madrigral said that he felt a sense of relief, and received direction and encouragement to reach for his goals.

“Many people ask me, why are you so passionate about the career of a firefighter? I always reply to them because it’s the best job in the entire world” said Madrigal.

Congratulations to all of the 60th Explorer Fire Academy graduates!

Brendan Ambroso
Andrew Austel
Jake Backes
Tony Balestracci
Roberto Barajas
Andrew Barlow
Carlos Barrios
Janelle Bautista
Austin Bennett
Davis Brock
Ryan Cain
Christopher Castillo
Tristen Cathcart
Andres Chavarry
Shaun Chisholm
Ernesto Desantiago
Kyle Ebersole
Oscar Echeverria
Marabella Espinoza
Richard Esquivel
Kurt Frescas
Gavin Fung
Christopher Gonzalez
Lucio Guzman
Darren Hames
Kyle Henscheid
Isaac Hernandez
Leonardo Ibanez
Tristan Justus
Keeth Lane
Michael Lopez
Asher Luna
David Madrigal
Rene Maldonado
Isaac Martinez
Johnnyray Martinez
Shawn Martinez
Alec Mena
Cristian Meza
Eduardo Molina
Omar Monroy
Abe Montenegro
Jacob Morales
Edgar Moreno
Ethan Mouzakis
David Nager
Colin Nyberg
Declan O’Brien
Roberto Oliva
Elijah Pursel
Juan Radillo
Tony Rivera
Johnny Rodriguez
Diego Saldana
Colt Sanders
Chris Santana
Matthew Sayers
Mike Silva
Joshua Smith
Alex Toledo
Hunter Tubbs
Tristan Wallin
Sonny White
Richard Williams
Mason Williamson
Travis Wisher

33rd Annual Explorer Recognition Banquet

Two of the newly certified explorers, Tony Balestracci and Asher Luna, were also honored earlier in the month at the 33rd Annual Explorer Recognition Banquet, where fire and police explorers from throughout Los Angeles County are recognized. Acting Assistant Chief Henry Rodriguez was a guest speaker and Certified Explorer Emely Garcia of Post 13 was the Mistress of Ceremony.

Congratulations to everyone who was recognized at the banquet.

Firefighter Assistance Award
Asher Luna- Post 9 (Life Saving)
James Serna- Post 9 (Valor)
Daniel Zepeda- Post 13 (Valor)

Young American
Anthony Gomez- Post 13
Explorer Top Seller
Tony Balestracci- Post 9

Committee Member of the Year
William Rodriguez
Associate Advisor of the Year
Mike Trinidad- Post 9
Rosemary Vivero- Post 13
The Explorer Program, established in 1975, is a joint effort between the Department and Learning for Life. Their mission is to help young people prepare for a career in the fire service or in other industries.