Battalion 11 Rescues Six Cats in Lingard Incident

By February 24, 2014LACoFD News

lancasterhousefireedfrommeravtimesOn February 12, Battalion 11 firefighters saved the lives of six cats caught in a house fire at 343 East Lingard Street in the City of Lancaster. A total of 14 cats were living in the residence, and our firefighters worked diligently to rescue all of them from the burning home, utilizing pet oxygen masks to save the six who were found alive during initial search and rescue efforts.

“The firefighters did a heroic effort in saving those cats,” Fire Captain Scott Polgar told KTLA-TV.

When firefighters arrived at the house just before midnight, the house and garage were already well involved with fire.  Neighbors gathered outside reported to the crew that people were possibly trapped inside.  Firefighters proceeded with an aggressive fire attack and were able to extinguish the fire within 30 minutes.  During search and rescue efforts for possible victims, our firefighters did not find any humans; however, there were over a dozen cats and kittens living inside the home.

Six of the cats – including three 8-week-old kittens – were found alive by our firefighters, who promptly removed them from the burning home and took them to awaiting engines. There, utilizing pet oxygen masks donated by the Emma Zen Foundation, our firefighters administered oxygen to treat their smoke inhalation injuries. Sadly, eight cats were found deceased inside. The resident was found safely living in a neighbor’s home down the street. The cause of the incident was accidental and electrical in nature, originating from the covered breezeway between the garage and home.

Kudos to our personnel who made every effort to save the lives of these helpless felines. According to Los Angeles County Animal Control, all rescues appear to be in good health and will be transported to foster families after an observation period. To watch a video of the rescue, click here.