BC Roland Sprewell Joins Employee Services Section and PIO

BC Roland Sprewell Joins PIO/ESS

In December 2019, Battalion Chief Roland Sprewell assumed his new duties, overseeing the Employee Services Section (ESS) and Public Information Office (PIO) of the Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACoFD).

With 34 years of experience in the fire service, Chief Sprewell has faithfully served our Department for the past 25 years.  Growing up influenced by the show, “Emergency!”, he began his career at fire agencies in Vista, Santa Ana and Pasadena before joining the LACoFD.

For a short time, Chief Sprewell simultaneously worked as a firefighter and weekend reporter for an NBC affiliate in Palm Springs.  After a year of commuting back and forth, he left journalism to concentrate on his fire service career and joined the PIO as an inspector where he worked from 1999 to 2004.

Coming back full circle to manage ESS and PIO, he looks forward to this new assignment.  “I have a lot of goals for this first year,” said Chief Sprewell.  “I look forward to increasing our presence and maximizing technology and social media.  We will be more proactive and less reactive!”

A father of three and grandfather to a seven-year-old, Chief Sprewell finds his work fulfilling and purposeful:  “I like being a public servant.  I always like being involved in ways that positively influence other people’s lives.”