Double Rescue at Venice

We have another round of warm weather on the way! Low 80º’s Friday and Saturday and upper 70º’s for Sunday along with unseasonably warm water (Temperatures in the 60º-64º range). If you’re one of the many student out on Spring Break, or just heading down to the beach to beat the heat this holiday weekend, the LA County Fire Department Lifeguard Division urges you to swim and surf near an open lifeguard tower.

Before you hit the beach this weekend take a look at these few safety tips to prepare;

Swim, Body Board, and Surf near an Open Lifeguard tower.

If you plan on being down at the beach this weekend make sure you to swim, and surf near and open lifeguard tower. Be sure to check in with the lifeguard on duty, they can help you identify a safe place to swim and surf. If you’re not sure if a tower is open look for one with; open shutters, a flag, and the red recuse can hanging from the hook. (just like the picture).

Venice Lifeguard Tower

Avoid Rip Currents & learn how to escape one before getting in the water.

If you get caught in a Rip Current;

  • Stay Calm.
  • Don’t fight the Current.
  • Swim out of the Current (Parallel to Shore) & then in.
  • If you’re too weak to swim, float or tread water until a lifeguard can assist you

More on Rip Currents HERE.

Check in with the lifeguard before entering the water and they will direct you to a safe area for swimming. At most LA County beaches the safe swim area will be marked with two orange swim flags.

rip current


 Know your limits.

If you are unsure of your abilities in the ocean, both swimming or surfing, check in with the lifeguard before you get in. At most beaches the lifeguard can direct you to a safe area to enjoy the water.



Stay off the Rocks!

There can be significant time (lulls) between wave sets. It’s important to stay off rocks and Jetties near the water to avoid being swept off and them into treacherous waters.

stay off the rocks


Stay Away from the Sick/Injured Sea Lions

We currently have a large influx of sick and injured seals and sealions on LA County beaches. DO NOT CALL 911! This ties up valuable resources that are meant for emergency purposes. If you see an injured animal do the following;

  • Stay Back! Seal Lions have very strong bites and sharp teeth.
  • Do not feed wildlife.
  • Do not drag animals back into the water. They are too weak to swim.
  • Contact the nearest Lifeguard. Don’t call 911
  • Do not pour water on seals or sea lions

We appreciate the public’s concern for these animal; LA County Lifeguards & Marine Mammal Rescue are working to ensure the safety and well being of all Marine animals.

sick seal


Boating Safety

  • Always carry enough life vests for every person aboard your vessel.
  • Never boat while under the influence of alcohol
  • Have a working VHF radio. Monitor VHF 16 to be made aware of weather information from the USCG

More boating safety information is available from the United States Coast Guard HERE.

Demasted Sailboat

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