Board Watch: $1.4 Million for Fire Station 143; Girls’ Empowerment Month

By September 30, 2016LACoFD News

by Pearl Castillo

At its regular meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 27, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors reallocated $1.4 million in bond proceeds to fund part of the cost of the new Fire Station 143 and issued a proclamation.

The Board will use $103.1 million in extra revenue from the 2010 and 2012 Los Angeles County Public Works Financing Authority Lease Revenue Bonds to fund previously approved capital projects, including $1.4 million for the new Fire Station 143. Other projects will be financed with the remaining $101.7 million in bond proceeds.

In other news, the Board proclaimed the month of October to be “Girls’ Empowerment Month” to support Girls Build LA (GBLA), a grant-funded empowerment program from the L.A. Promise Fund for Public Schools. This year’s theme for GBLA is “Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math Solutions.” The program aims to expose girls at an early age to science, technology, engineering and math content and opportunities. Such exposure can can close the gender and ethnic gaps in these fields and boost economic growth and sustainability.