Board Watch: Human Rights Month; Lease Amendment; Dispatch Services

By December 9, 2016LACoFD News
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by Pearl Castillo

At its regular meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 6, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors issued a proclamation; approved a lease amendment for office space on Rickenbacker Road; and approved a five-year agreement to provide communications and dispatch services for  the City of La Habra Heights.

The Board proclaimed the month of December 2016 to be “Human Rights Month” throughout the County. Communities around the world commemorate Human Rights Day every year on Dec. 10. The Board aims to raise awareness of local events and organizations that celebrate human rights achievements and dedicate their efforts to ending human rights abuses.  The Board also encourages residents to participate in monthly events and campaigns, such as “Arts for Rights” and “Write for Rights” throughout the County.

In other news, the Board approved a lease amendment with RREEF AMERICA REIT II CORP. MMMM 3 California to extend the Fire Department’s term for seven years, for 45,279 square feet of office space and 180 on-site parking spaces at 5815-5823 and 5825-5847 Rickenbacker Road in Commerce. The lease amendment will have a monthly base rent of $84,219 or $1,010,628 annually. The lease initially expired on April 7, 2015, and the Fire Department was on a month-to-month holdover basis until negotiations on extending the term and the determination of maintenance items were final. The maintenance work will cost approximately $588,000. The landlord will provide a base tenant improvement (TI) allowance of $362,232 and up to $226,395 in reimbursable additional TI dollars to cover the anticipated costs needed to complete the work. The lease cost over the seven-year term, including TI reimbursement, is approximately $7.3 million. The base rent is subject to an annual Consumer Price Index increase capped at a maximum of 5 percent throughout the lease term. Funding for the lease amendment costs are included in the Fiscal Year 2016-2017 rent expense budget.

Finally, the approved five-year agreement with the City of La Habra Heights provides communication and dispatch services for emergency fire and medical response. The City will compensate the Fire Department based on a per incident cost. Every July 1st, the per incident cost will be adjusted by the Fire Department to reflect the current costs for providing services. Even though the agreement will increase the Fire Department’s incoming dispatch calls by an average of 600 per year, there will be no impact to current services.