In Brief: News Across the County

By October 31, 2016LACoFD News
Los Angeles County Fire Department patch

Los Angeles County Fire Department personnel are always busy in the community. Here is a snapshot of what Department members are doing across the county.

Apartment Building Owners Thank LACoFD

Nearly a year after a fire in a La Habra apartment building, the building’s owner thanked the city of La Habra and the Los Angeles County Fire Department for their help during and after the blaze.

The fire started at an apartment building on Stearns Avenue shortly before 10:40 p.m. It damaged three apartments on the second floor and displaced nine people. No injuries were reported.

“You can imagine what a disruption and horror it was for our tenants’ lives along with the very difficult period of rebuilding for us afterward,” Frank DeBenedetto, whose family owns the building, wrote in the letter to city officials.

In his letter, DeBenedetto thanks a La Habra police officer, Los Angeles County Fire Captain David Chetwood and Chief Building Official Dennis McCreary.

Here is what he wrote about Chetwood:

“(P)lease give Capt. David Chetwood of Fire Station 192 our sincere thanks for his concern for all involved and his amazing staff from keeping the fire from the surrounding properties.”

Read the full letter.