The Quality and Productivity Commission Visit

By August 18, 2014LACoFD News


On August 7, the Quality and Productivity Commission (QPC) visited our Department and met with Fire Chief Daryl Osby, Deputy Chief Dawnna Lawrence, Battalion Chiefs Derek Alkonis and Anderson Mackey, and Communications Director Kristina Hajjar. The Department briefed the QPC on the Department’s quality and productivity challenges and opportunities, and how our organization can further work with the QPC to improve our services.

 The commissioners were pleased to hear about how the two Productivity Investment Fund (PIF) Grants equated to the Department’s new “Family and Friends CPR Anytime” initiative. A $200,000 grant from the QPC enabled our Department to purchase 10,000 customized hands-only CPR training kits to be used while training middle and high school students beginning this fall throughout school districts in our local communities. Coupled with the recent implementation of our Department’s PulsePoint app, these programs will save lives by improving survivability rates for sudden cardiac arrest patients. PulsePoint is a free mobile app that alerts registered users who are trained in CPR to provide aid within their immediate vicinity whenever a cardiac arrest occurs in a public place.

A second grant of $155,000 awarded to our Department helped transition our firefighter in-service training program from the classroom-based environment to an online Blackboard-based instructional video system. The new system was cleverly showcased during the meeting when Alkonis thanked the QPC by sharing a video that was created by equipment funded by the grant! High quality training videos, such as “Interior Fire Attack” and “Exterior Water Application,” offer realistic messaging and are video streamed online. Alkonis further explained that the Department’s new training videos help train our firefighters as well as firefighters from 100 countries around the world. This video message thanking the QPC can be streamed online by clicking here.

“I think the commissioners were very pleased to see that the grant money was being put to good use,” said Mackey.  The QPC visit concluded with a tour of LAO’s training facility with the presentation of the rich history of Rescue 5 and a demonstration of the hands-only CPR training kits, facilitated by Fire Inspector Keith Mora of the Public Information team.