VIDEO: Tech Ops Runs Annual Confined Space Training

By March 23, 2018LACoFD News
Confined Space Training

Los Angeles County Fire Captain and Confined Space Instructor Dave Norman takes you up-close as Technical Operations conducts the annually required Confined Space Training for the Los Angeles County Fire Department’s USA-2 urban search and rescue team at the Del Valle Regional Training Center.

Rescue scenarios included going down a ladder to package and return a victim, and a train incident that also required entering a railcar with a ladder to rescue a victim. This training keeps members of USA-2 and CA-TF2 prepared and qualified for national and international response to natural disasters.

“The rewards of going around the world internationally to save a life are unmatched anywhere in the system and our team, out of all 29 teams, we are one of only two that can go international, and that’s our team and Fairfax, Virginia,” said Norman.

Enjoy this insiders view of world-class training!