Crews on Pine, Campesina Fires Receive Kudos

By September 30, 2015LACoFD News
A member of the Los Angeles County Fire Department clears a hot spot during the Pine Fire, which started July 17, 2015. Photo courtesy InciWeb.

Recently, Fire Chief Daryl Osby received two letters thanking personnel for their responses on two separate incidents—the Pine Fire in July and the Campesina Incident in August.

The Pine Fire off Angeles Crest Highway burned 200 acres after it broke out July 17. In a letter dated Aug. 18, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Center Chief of Security Randy Aden thanked firefighters for their efforts, which included protecting the NASA JPL Table Mountain Facility:

Dear Fire Chief Osby:

On July 17, 2015 a wildfire broke out at approximately 9:45 pm near the Angeles Crest Highway close to Wrightwood. Emergency Crews from the U.S. Forest Service, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, California Highway Patrol, Los Angeles County Fire and the Los Angeles County Sheriff provided a rapid and extremely well-coordinated air and ground response. Their efforts were responsible for protecting the NASA JPL Table Mountain Facility (TMF) that has been operating on US Forest Service land there since 1962.

TMF enables a broad range of research of critical scientific and societal importance in earth and solar science, deep-space optical communications, instrument technology, astronomy and astrophysics. The Emergency Crews’ quick and efficient air and ground response efforts during this fast moving wind driven fire not only protected the Observatories containing millions of dollars of scientific instruments and equipment but also preserved associated long term historical scientific data records without interruption.

Crews continued their efforts of perimeter containment, working on flair ups and smoldering embers, taking down severely fire damaged trees, and fire watch patrols through August 1, 2015. They were able to keep the fire contained to 200 acres.


We are extremely appreciative of all the Emergency Personnel who worked so hard and for so many hours to keep TMF and its research and scientific heritage going strong into the future. We will be forever grateful for this opportunity to continue our research.


In closing we would like to again give our thanks and appreciation to the men and women of the Los Angeles County Fire Department for their actions protecting our facility.


Randy J. Aden
Center Chief of Security
Protective Services Division

On Aug. 15, a brush fire broke out on parklands in Palos Verdes Estates. Crews on the ground and in the air extinguished the 1.5-acre brush fire within two hours. PVE Mayor James Goodhart and City Manager Anton Dahlerbruch sent the following letter, dated Aug. 18, about the Campesina Incident:

Dear Chief Osby:

The City of Palos Verdes Estates wishes to express our sincere thanks to Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACFD) personnel for their quick response, in the air and on the ground, to extinguish the wildland brush fire that occurred on City Parklands (Via Tejon) on Saturday, August 15th. The LACFD’s response demonstrated the quality and quantity of resources that our contractual relationship provides, and we are most appreciative.

With current extreme heat and dry conditions that could have quickly exacerbated the blaze, the LACFD’s responsive, immediate and professional actions expertly handled and controlled the 3-acre brush fire that could have easily escalated to a life threatening event and significant property damage.

Thank you, once again, for your efforts on the City’s behalf.


James F. Goodhart

Anton Dahlerbruch
City Manager

Kudos to all the crews involved in fighting these brush fires!

Featured image at top: A member of the Los Angeles County Fire Department clears a hot spot during the Pine Fire, which started July 17, 2015. Photo courtesy InciWeb.