Fire Station 61 Personnel Reunited with Rescued Toddler

By February 24, 2014LACoFD News

certmoulage1On February 15, Fire Fighter Paramedic Gary Durian was working his shift at Fire Station 61 when he once again saw the thank-you poster he and his fellow crewmates had received one year ago, when they helped save the life of a non-breathing toddler girl. Realizing it had been almost a year since the emotional rescue, he began to make plans to visit the family to see how she was doing, when lo and behold, the parents began walking into the station holding their now two-year-old daughter Anabel.

“It was great. It was the first time we’d seen her since the actual incident,” says Durian, who along with Fire Captain Gil Sanchez, who was also on duty, were reunited with their pint-sized patient. “I had heard she made a complete 100 percent recovery, and it was nice to see the proof that. We don’t often get the opportunity to see the positive side of what could have been a tragic call.”

Durian described Anabel, who had just celebrated her second birthday a month prior, as being a typical toddler, all smiles and energy. The young parents expressed once again their thanks, and their intention to regularly bring their daughter back to understand how she had been saved by our firefighters.

Says Durian, “We told them they were more than welcome to come by any time they are interested in visiting us!”