FS120 Receives Newborn in Safe Surrender

By September 15, 2017LACoFD News
Safe Surrender

Los Angeles County Fire Captain Michael Park answered the phone at Fire Station 120 in Diamond Bar on the evening of Friday, September 8, 2017. On the line was a woman, with sounds of a baby crying in the background, inquiring if the station was a Safe Surrender site. With confirmation that the station was indeed able to accept her baby, she said that she would be there shortly.

Later that evening, Fire Station 120 received the mother and newborn. The mother gave her newborn baby to firefighters at the Safe Surrender site, accepted an I.D. bracelet and left the fire station. Following Safe Surrender procedures, the firefighters evaluated and transported the baby to local area hospital and notified the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

Captain Park said that is was a positive experience for their team, to see that the program does work in discouraging mothers from abandoning newborns and prevents first responders from finding babies in worse circumstances. DCFS will place the baby boy in a safe, loving home, should the mother decide not to return 14 days from the day of surrender.

The Safely Surrendered Baby Law gives parents the choice to legally leave their newborn (within 72 hours of the baby’s birth) with an employee at any Los Angeles County hospital or fire station at any time, no questions asked. For more information on Safe Surrender in Los Angeles County, please see these Frequently Asked Questions or call 1-877-222-9723.