Gale Force Winds Wash Sailboat with 2 POB Ashore at Isthmus on Catalina Island Saturday Night 4/26. Baywatch Isthmus Responds

By April 29, 2014LG News

 Isthmus Sailboat

On Saturday 4/26 at 4:20am Baywatch Isthmus was alerted to a “mayday” call of a vessel coming aground. With Gale Force winds in the area and 4ft seas in the harbor the 27ft Catalina Sailboat with 2 persons on board (POB) had broken free of anchor off of an area called little fishermans near the Isthmus Harbor.

Baywatch Isthmus Responded notifying LACoFD Patrol 155, LA County Sherriffs and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Before Baywatch isthmus arrived on scene the vessel had entered the Surf line and one of the POB panicked and jumped overboard into the water. He was wearing a life jacket. The other POB stayed on the vessel as the swells and wind pushed the boat aground.

The person in the water was able to make it to shore on his own after being in the water for several minutes. He then left the area to go get help hypothermic and disoriented in the darkness.

When Baywatch Isthmus arrived on scene the person who had stayed aboard the vessel was on the beach unharmed next to the sailboat that was aground. He alerted the Baywatch Isthmus Paramedics of his friend who had left to get help. A search was conducted with Patrol 155 and Sherriffs deputies and the man was located after 10 minutes.

A full assessment was completed on the patients by Lifeguard Paramedics. The patient who had jumped overboard was treated for hypothermia with active warming and minor wounds on his arm were cleaned and bandaged. The other patient sustained no injuries.

The vessel was secured and a salvage company will remove it from the beach after the Gale wind event concludes.

The men stated they were unaware of the Gale Warning that had been posted by the National Weather Service days earlier.