Happy Retirement, LACoFD Employees!

By December 7, 2018LACoFD News
FILE PHOTO: "Retired" to Florida. Photo courtesy AAG.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department congratulates 15 newly retired County employees!
Good luck and best wishes to the following August, September and October retirees:
Fire Captain Vincent Martinez III, Fire Station 82
Fire Fighter Specialist Daren Wallach, Fire Station 40
Fire Fighter Javier Acosta, Fire Station 62
Fire Fighter Specialist James Jenkins, Fire Station 44
Fire Fighter Specialist David Wiese, Fire Station 129
Fire Fighter Andrew Bracy, Fire Station 61
Fire Fighter Bradley Yocum, Fire Station 69
Fire Captain Bobby Laster, Fire Station 27
Fire Captain Robert Marin,  Fire Station 188
Fire Captain Ruben Ramos, Fire Station 123
Lifeguard Captain Michael McIlroy, Central Operations Bureau
Fire Fighter Specialist Kenneth Souza, Fire Station 75
Deputy Forester Keith Condon, Prevention Services Bureau
Brent Fisher, Fire Equipment Mechanic, Special Services Bureau