Emergency Operations Section

The HHMD provides 24-hour emergency services in response to hazardous materials spills or releases and abandonment that occur in areas of HHMD CUPA jurisdiction and in the cities of Los Angeles and Santa Monica.  As Deputy Health Officers, the Emergency Response Specialists perform multiple job duties at emergency incidents which include hazard materials categorization, technical advising, entry team participation, and evacuation and reoccupancy determination.
Spills, Unauthorized Releases, and Emergency Incidents involving hazardous materials and waste…
Any spill or unauthorized release of a hazardous material or hazardous waste that poses a threat to life, health (workers, residential, schools, etc.), property or the environment must be reported to the following agencies:
  • 911 – The Local Emergency Response Agency;
  • (323) 890-4317 (business hours) / (323) 881-2455 (after hours) – Los Angeles County Fire Department’s Health Hazardous Materials Division (HHMD);
  • (800) 852-7550 – The California Emergency Management Agency, California State Warning Center; and if applicable
  • (800) 424-8802 – The National Response Center, if the release exceeds federal reportable quantities.
When reporting the incident, the following minimum information will be required as specified in the California Hazardous Materials Spill/Release Notification Guide:
  • The identity of caller;
  • The location, date and time of spill, release, or threatened release;
  • The location of threatened or involved waterway or storm drains;
  • The substance, quantity involved, and isotope, if necessary;
  • The chemical name (if known, it should be reported if the chemical is extremely hazardous); and
  • A description of what happened.
Any spill or unauthorized releases involving hazardous material or hazardous waste may require the services of State Certified Clean Up Companies to ensure the proper removal, handling, transportation, and disposal of the released material. It is the responsibility of the responsible party to pay all costs of the clean up services provided by the contractors and responding agencies.
Need help or further information?
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