Hoist Rescue After 25ft Fall at Pirates Cove in Malibu

By April 26, 2014LG News


On Friday 4/25/14 at 3:19pm dispatch received a 911 call for an adult male who fell 25ft off of a cliff at Pirates Cove in Malibu. The Baywatch Malibu deckhand was first on scene swimming in from the boat due to the rugged terrain and lack of easy access to the area. LG332, A30 and LR300 followed along with LACoFD Engine and Squad 71, Quint 125, USAR 103 and Battalion 5. The 27 year old Male patient complained of severe back pain and C-Spine precautions were taken. Copter 16 then hoisted the patient out of the cove because of the lack of access and a landing zone at the isolated stretch of coastline. He was transported to a local area hospital.

The picture above shows Lifeguards from Zuma and Fireman from Fire Station 71 working together to package the patient as Copter 16 lowers down a paramedic to begin the hoist operation.

*The picture was a taken by Josh Harris a bystander at the scene of the call*