Incident Command Trailers Now Available for Deployment

By September 27, 2019LACoFD Home, LACoFD News

Recently, the Los Angeles County Fire Department’s last of three new all-hazard incident management trailers arrived.  Funded by the 2015 Urban Areas Security Initiative grant, the multi-functional trailers are located in each regional operations bureaus (North, Central and East) to provide incident command post support at various hazardous incidents.

“These all-hazard incident management trailers have already proven to be a valuable platform,” said Acting Forestry Division Chief Michael Takeshita.  “Incident commanders and general staff will be able to hold briefings and create strategic action plans for risk incidents.”

The multi-functional trailers are transportable and designed to provide adequate space for incident support personnel and incident commander briefings while on site. 

These trailers have been used in wildfires and other incidents, and will continue to be utilized for earthquakes, homeland security and pre-planned events.