lifeguard tower

Another busy weekend for you LA County Lifeguards. Warm weather and summer-like water temperatures made for a great day at the beach. Here’s an activity update from this last weekend.

  Saturday 4/4 – Sunday 4/5
Attendance 790,757
Preventative Actions 12,612
Emergency Vehicle
Responses (EVRS)
Minor Medicals 94
Major Medicals 35
Ocean Rescues 242

It looks like it may slow down at the beach for the next few days. Windy Monday and a chance of rain on Tuesday.

If you head down to the beach this week remember to;

  • Swim, Body Board, and Surf near an open lifeguard tower.
  • Check in with the lifeguard for ocean conditions and hazards.
  • Practice good judgment; swim and surf within your abilities.