Rescue at Hollywood Rivera Tower

Here’s a shot of an ocean rescue in progress at “Hollywood Rivera” Tower in Redondo Beach on Sun 3.29 Photo: Retired Lifeguard Joel Gitelson. Twitter: @joel77st

Another busy weekend for our LA County Lifeguards. Long period South swell brought 3-5ft occ. 6ft+ surf while record temperatures inland brought the crowds.

  Fri 3.27 thru. Sun 3.29
Attendance 1,349,350
Preventative Actions 18,760
Emergency Vehicle
Response (EVR’s)
Ocean Rescues 345
Major Medicals 50
Minor Medicals 288
Missing Persons

The Swell is holding through Wednesday so we’ll have continued risk of sneaker waves and strong rip currents.

While you’re enjoying your Spring Break remember;

  • Swim, Body Board, and Surf near an open lifeguard tower.
  • Check in with the lifeguard for ocean conditions and hazards.
  • Practice good judgment; swim and surf within your abilities.
  • Stay Off rocks and Jetties near the waterline.