Labor Day Holiday Weekend Beach Safety

By August 29, 2014LG News


Labor Day Holiday Weekend is here and for many of us that means a trip to an L.A. County Beach. If you plan on going to the beach this weekend, we would like to give you some valuable information so that you can enjoy the beach safely!

We have had high surf from Hurricane Marie this past week causing some Hazardous swimming conditions. This large hurricane swell has moved a lot of sand around causing large in-shore holes and rip currents. The swell is slowly decreasing through the Labor Day Weekend but the chances of rip currents is still very real, especially for South facing beaches.

The L.A. County Fire department would like for you to have a safe and enjoyable day at the beach this weekend so we have a few safety messages to share with you.

We suggest you use the following safety tips on your Labor Day Weekend Beach Day:

  • Always swim near an open lifeguard station and never swim alone.

  • Check in with the lifeguard before swimming for safest places to swim.

  • Never dive into shallow water… Remember… Feet-first every time!

  • Use swim fins and a leash whenever bodyboarding.

  • Keep a safe distance from piers and rocks, and always obey warning signs.

  • Protect yourself from the sun…use sunscreen and wear a hat.

  • Respect other beach patrons and remember your beach manners.

  • The bicycle path is like a road…always look both ways before crossing!

  • If you, or someone in your group gets lost, always find the nearest lifeguard.

  • Never mix drinking alcohol with swimming in the ocean!


The best way to avoid a rip current is to check in with the lifeguard for the safest areas to swim!

Read this poster for how to escape a rip current:

USLA Rip Current Poster


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We hope you have a safe and enjoyable Labor day Holiday Weekend!!