The LA County Fire Dept Lifeguard Division Junior Lifeguard Program

The Junior Guard Program is offered to all boys and girls in Los Angeles County.  The program is designed to instruct youth (ages 9 through 17) in beach and ocean skills.  The program provides instruction in water safety, swimming, body surfing, surfing, physical conditioning, competition skills, first aid, lifesaving, rescue techniques, CPR and the use of professional lifesaving equipment.

Summer 2018 Program Dates

Session 1: Begins the Week of June 17, 2018

Session 2: Begins the Week of  July 22, 2018

Swim Test dates and returning JG registration information will be posted in January 2018.

United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) Membership Sign-up:


Contact Info:

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phone: (310) 939-7214

What are the program dates?

Session 1:  Begins the week of June 17, 2018

Session 2:  Begins the week of July 22, 2018

Classes are every day, Monday through Friday. There are two classes a day: AM class (8:30 – 11:30am) and PM class (1:30 – 4:30pm). Some areas do not offer the afternoon class. Some locations will not have programs during the 2nd Session.

What are the JG Program locations?

If a minimum number of participants is not met, the group/session may be cancelled.

Avalon (First Session, AM Only)

Cabrillo (First Session, AM Only)

Torrance (Both Sessions, AM and PM)

Redondo (Both Sessions, AM and PM)

Tim Kelly (Both Sessions, AM and PM)

Hermosa (Both Sessions, AM and PM)

Manhattan (Both Sessions, AM and PM)

El Segundo (Both Sessions, AM and PM)

Venice (Both Sessions; First Session, AM and PM; Second Session, AM Only)

Santa Monica (First Session, AM Only)

Will Rogers (Both Sessions; First Session, AM and PM; Second Session, AM Only)

Zuma (First Session, AM Only)

How do I sign up for Junior Guards?


Every NEW JG for 2018 is required to sign-up through our website (info at the top of this page) for the JG SWIM TEST LOTTERY SYSTEM. Each Swim Test location will have a separate Lottery System that will issue a random appointment time for your child to swim on the day of the test.  Dates below indicate when the SIGN-UP will open and close. The sign-up is not acceptance into the program and will not give a confirmation email with the appointment time until the sign-up window closes. Once users complete the online sign-up, an email notifying users we have received their information for the Lottery System is sent, this is not a confirmation of appointment time. Only when the signup window closes for a swim test will users receive their Appointment Time Confirmation Email. Please be patient in waiting for this Appointment Time Confirmation Email. JG Staff will email Lottery System Appointment times the Friday after each sign-up window closes.

Swim Test #1: To Be Determined

Swim Test #2: To Be Determined

Swim Test #3: To Be Determined

After completing the NEW JG SWIM TEST, successful swimmers will be guided by staff through the registration process on the pool deck. Each child that passes the required 100 yard swim will receive a opportunity to choose a beach location from what is available, a class enrollment (AM/PM- Session I or Session II), complete payment (check or credit card) and be given a uniform.

As a result of the Junior Lifeguard Program’s popularity, the number of participants increases yearly.  Due to the extremely high volume of Returning Junior Lifeguards, many beach locations will be limited, or waitlist only in Session 1 at the Swim Tests.  We will do our best to accommodate your choice, but your patience will be appreciated when assigning enrollment.  We do not accept special circumstances when assigning enrollment, such as accommodating siblings or address.

2018 RETURNING Open Junior Lifeguard Registration (first come, first served): 

  • ‘A’ (14-17 years old) – TBD
  • ‘B’ (12-13 years old) – TBD
  • ‘C’ (9-11 years old) – TBD

What are the requirements to become a Junior Guard?

In order to become a JG, your child must complete a 100 yard pool swim test under:

1:50 for 9-11 year olds – C Group

1:40 for 12-13 year olds – B Group

1:30 for 14-17 year olds – A Group

Complete a 7′ surface dive.

Should a NEW applicant be unable to pass the required time the first try, they will be allowed ONE re-swim on that day. Should they be unable to pass on the second try, they will be eligible to re-swim at one of the other swim dates stated above.

We recommend NEW applicants be actively participating in an aquatics program for at least a few months leading up to the swim test to ensure a smooth testing process, AND, if they pass their swim test, to be sufficiently prepared to swim in the waves and ocean each day of the program.

*Swim times are determined by the age group a child will be participating in during the program, NOT the current age of the applicant. For example, if an applicant is 11 years old on the date of the tryout, but will turn 12 on or before July 1st, they are considered a “B”, not a “C”, and must pass the “B” required swim time.

Where can I find an application for a returning Jr Guard?

2018 RETURNING Junior Lifeguard Registration is TBD


Please call the office if you have any questions (310) 939-7214

What are the swim test dates and locations?

2018 NEW JG Swim Test Dates:  TBD

Does my child need to tryout again?

Returning JGs who successfully completed the previous summer do not have to tryout again. All new applicants and returning JGs who have been away from the program for more than one year must attend one of our pool swim tryouts.

How is a JG's Age Group determined?

Ages are as of July 1st, 2018 and align with the United States Lifesaving Association’s national standard.

A’s are 14-17 years old

B’s are 12 and 13 years old

C’s are 9-11 years old

What does my child need to participate in Junior Guards?

For the pool swim tryout: a lightweight racing style swim suit (aka “Speedos” or jammers  because baggy suits make for slow times), a cap (to keep the hair out of eyes), goggles (today is not the day to test a new pair), and a towel (big, fluffy, and lucky is best).

For a day at Junior Lifeguards: a uniform (provided), towel, sunscreen, hat, water, and a healthy snack.

Can my child do both sessions of JGs?

During initial registration JGs can only sign up for one session. Once all registration is complete, depending on availability, we will reopen the system and allow JGs to sign up for an additional session.

How much does the Junior Guard program cost?

The fee for the 2017 JG Program is $535. A uniform is included in the fee. Girls receive a Junior Lifeguard t-shirt and a navy blue Speedo tank swimsuit. Boys receive a Junior Lifeguard t-shirt and navy blue custom designed Body Glove board shorts. Financial Aid is available.

Is Financial Aid or Transportation available?

Yes 2018, Financial Aid will be available for those that apply and qualify.

Qualification will be determined by the evaluation of your 2017 Federal Income Tax Return-1040 front page or a Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services approved application for Unemployment of the household of the Applicant.

RETURNING Junior Lifeguards please print out application for Financial Aid and attach to Registration Packet. This packet should be mailed to the address stated on Returning Junior Lifeguards Application Packet. PLEASE DO NOT ATTACH PAYMENT, as your payment amount will be determined after review.

NEW JG’s to the program please fill out application and bring to NEW JG Swim Test- Do Not Mail In To Office. Qualification will be determined by the evaluation of your 2016 Federal Income Tax Return-1040 front page or a Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services approved application for Unemployment of the household of the Applicant. Copies of all documents will be required for eligibility. No W2’s are accepted. Please bring all documents to the swim test location to be reviewed on the pool deck after successfully completing the swim test.





Are Refunds available?

Refund requests submitted before 5:00 p.m. PST 7 days prior to the start of the program will receive a tuition refund minus a $60 Processing Fee. Refunds requests submitted after 5:00 p.m. PST 7 days prior to the start of the program will receive a tuition refund minus $155.

What is the JG Program Tax ID Number?

The Tax ID Number of the Junior Lifeguard Program is: 95-6000927

What is a Cadet?

Cadets are Junior Lifeguards that are being groomed to become Lifeguards. They operate under the supervision of a Junior Lifeguard Instructor.  Cadets will be challenged to learn lifeguard operations, ocean conditions and rescue techniques, first aid, and CPR. Cadets are also expected to lead younger JGs in practical and physical skills.

How do I become a Cadet?

2018 CADETS:

Cadets are based on their age as of July 1, 2018. Cadets must be 16 or 17 years old and should have participated in the Junior Lifeguard Program for at least two years.
First a potential Cadet may attend the Cadet informational meeting. Potential Cadets must pass a pool swim test (500 yards in under 7:00), be CPR certified, provide one letter of recommendation, show proficiency in a competitive 500-meter ocean swim, participate in a formal interview, and be recommended by a former JG Instructor. The interview is a business interview, where a resume and appropriate business attire are recommended.

The Application period for the 2018 Cadet Program has not yet begun.