Lifeguard Training Center

The LA County Lifeguard Division’s Training Section, located on Manhattan Beach, provides training for lifeguard staff. The Training Section offers both in house and outside training that is required for lifeguards who save lives in dangerous environments. Annual required training includes EMT, Defibrillation, CPR, and SCUBA.

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The Training Officer, who holds the rank of Captain, administers the Division’s training program while the training coordinators facilitate. The Division employs professional lifeguards who posses a wide range of knowledge and experience that are utilized in teaching various courses throughout the year.

The Training Section conducts a 100-hour lifeguard training academy when new lifeguards are hired. New cadets are taught the basic principles of lifeguarding and other aspects of the job, with an emphasis on ocean dynamics, rescues, first-aid, rescue boat operations, communications, public relations and specific policies and operating procedures.


As part of the Los Angeles County Fire Department, lifeguards have trained with firefighters in many areas including swiftwater rescue, brush training and helicopter operations, which has been beneficial to the department.

All permanent personnel are required to be certified in various areas of training called core curriculum. In addition to the above they are trained in emergency vehicle driving, incident command, hazardous materials first responder, self defense, rescue boat operations, personal water craft, and marine fire-fighting. Also, monthly training drills have been established in order for personnel to maintain their skills throughout their career.

The Training Section’s overall goal is to provide our highly qualified lifeguards with the training necessary to do their job safely and efficiently.

For more information on lifeguard training visit the LACoFD Turnout Website by clicking the icon below:

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