Meet New Leadership and Professional Standards Bureau Deputy Chief Anthony Marrone

By August 18, 2014LACoFD News


On March 16, Anthony C. Marrone was appointed as the new Deputy Chief of the Department’s Leadership and Professional Standards Bureau (LPSB). Marrone previously served as Acting Deputy Chief for LPSB for 10 months prior to his appointment by Fire Chief Daryl Osby.  He has served as a member of the County of Los Angeles Fire Department for 28 years, and looks forward to the many challenges that lie ahead in leading the Department’s newest bureau. Marrone leads many key functions within the organization, including the Risk Management Division, Organizational Development Division, Employee Relations Division, Return to Work Section, Training Services Section, Del Valle Training Section, Professional Performance Section, Recruitment Unit and the Privacy and Access Unit.

As part of his duties, Marrone also represents the Department at the County of Los Angeles Legal Exposure Reduction Committee (LERC) and the County Equity Oversight Panel, and has previously served on the Los Angeles County Emergency Preparedness Commission and the FIRESCOPE Task Force. He has previously served our organization in the capacity of acting assistant fire chief, and has been assigned to various battalions and sections over the last 16 years.  His last field assignment was Battalion 6 in the City of Santa Clarita.  He brings both emergency operations and administrative experience with him to his new position.