New LACoFD Employee Recognized for EMS Excellence

By November 30, 2018LACoFD News
Senior Program Head Terrence McGregor Receives Award

On Saturday, November 10, 2018, Senior Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Program Head Terrence McGregor received the Governor of Virginia’s EMS Award for Excellence at an awards ceremony in Norfolk, Virginia.  The awards ceremony capped off a week-long EMS symposium for Virginia’s Department of Health’s Office of Emergency Medical Services. 

For 39 years, these awards have recognized outstanding EMS providers and organizations from across Virginia for their demonstrated level of excellence and dedication to the EMS system. 

Prior to his recent start with the Los Angeles County Fire Department, McGregor served as the Chief of Emergency Services for Lancaster County in Virginia and led various EMS agencies for nearly 20 years.  He was honored with this award for his tireless work on improving the EMS system on the local, regional and state levels. 

McGregor began his new position as LACoFD’s Central Region EMS Program Head/Clinical Director in July 2018.