Off-Duty Ocean Lifeguard Assists with Rescue of Water Polo Player at Avalon Harbor’s South Beach

By August 6, 2014LG News

South Beach Polo

On August 6th at 1850pm Baywatch Avalon and fire personal responded to an unknown medical at South Beach in Avalon on Catalina Island. According to witnesses, the patient was having an unknown medial issue while in the water during a water polo game. One water polo player kept the patient from sinking while off-duty LA County Ocean Lifeguard Ignacio Pagliaro rendered aid by swimming to the patient, pulling his face out of the water, then coordinating an effort to swim the patient to shore while maintaining a clear airway.

The group carried the patient to a dry flat area on South Beach’s sidewalk. Off-duty Ocean Lifeguard Pagliaro sent someone for help and then maintained a clear airway until on-duty Ocean Lifeguards, Lifeguard Paramedics, and Fire Dept. personnel from Avalon Fire and LA County Fire station 55 arrived on scene. The patient was treated by Lifeguard Paramedics, LACoFD FS 55 and Avalon Fire personnel and was in stable in condition at the transfer of care to LACoFD Paramedics aboard Copter 15.  LACoFD Air Operations Copter 15 transported the patient to a mainland area hospital. 

According to Lifeguard Paramedic Rescue Boat Captain Brian Lanich, ” The actions of off-duty Ocean Lifeguard Pagliaro and the other water polo players were extremely helpful to EMS personnel and were lifesaving for the patient.”

water polo court

As we posted earlier this summer on our social media, the water polo court was recently added to Avalon Harbor’s South Beach and has become a popular activity.

*The photo at the top of this story was shared by the Catalina Chamber of Commerce on Facebook