Teamwork in Palos Verdes Coast Rescue

By January 12, 2015LACoFD News, LG News
air ops photo

On January 3, at 2:04 p.m., our Department responded to a report of a person who fell from a cliff to a rocky beach in the City of Palos Verdes. The rugged location required responders to work together to effect a rescue. 

While dispatchers and Battalion 14 personnel worked with the informant to better define the location, the Lifeguard Rescue Boat conducted a shoreline search. Quint 106, Engine and Squad 2, and Copter 14 worked to search the cliffs in the area. Ultimately, the patient was located at the base of a steep slope in Bluff Cove. A firefighter paramedic hoisted down from Copter 14 while a lifeguard swam in from the boat. Due to the patient’s critical injuries, additional firefighters from Quint 106 were picked up from a nearby baseball diamond and flown to the scene. After the patient was secured for transport, a hoist rescue was performed and the patient was flown to an area trauma center for treatment. These types of incidents are great examples of the unique challenges our Department members are able to overcome with teamwork and ongoing training.