Congratulations to Recruit Class 148

Forty-nine recruits graduated from the Los Angeles County Fire Department Recruit Training Academy on the morning of Friday, July 21, 2017.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department Recruit Class 148. Photo courtesy of Douglas Morrison.
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by Pearl Castillo

Forty-nine recruits graduated from the Los Angeles County Fire Department Recruit Training Academy on the morning of Friday, July 21, 2017. The graduation ceremony took place at the Cecil R. Gehr Fire Combat Training Center.

Speakers included Fire Chief Daryl Osby, Battalion Chief Patrick Errett and class valedictorian Fire Fighter (FF) Scott Seymour. “Remember that you get to be here. You chose to do this job, so I want you to dedicate yourselves to serving others before yourself,” said Chief Errett to the graduates.  He also quoted former U.S. Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Colin Powell, by stating that there are no secrets to success and that success is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.

During his speech, Chief Osby described the Fire Department as an inclusive organization. He encouraged women to pursue careers as firefighters, applauding the two female recruits who were graduating that morning. He also echoed Chief Errett’s message to the graduates on making the choice to become a firefighter and to represent the Department. “Always do your best, remember the sacrifices it took to get here and what it means to be in the Department,” stated Chief Osby.

In his speech, FF Scott Seymour thanked his fellow classmates and acknowledged captains:  “In my 48 years on this planet, this, without question, is the finest group of individuals that I’ve had the pleasure of being with. They’re not only exceptional firefighters, but they’re amazing human beings.”

After the ceremony, family and friends gathered to watch their loved ones demonstrate their new skills, including putting out a fire and rappelling down a building. The new graduates began their assignments immediately.

Congratulations to the members of Class 148:

  • Fire Fighter Robert Alt
  • Fire Fighter Ariana Alvarado
  • Fire Fighter James Anderson
  • Fire Fighter Joseph Arambula
  • Fire Fighter Christian Bigelow
  • Fire Fighter Michael Blake
  • Fire Fighter Christopher Boos
  • Fire Fighter Dylan Borbon
  • Fire Fighter Cameron Carvalho
  • Fire Fighter Joshua Cessor
  • Fire Fighter David Choate
  • Fire Fighter Adam Cohen
  • Fire Fighter John Cornejo
  • Fire Fighter Brandon Cosentino
  • Fire Fighter Marshall Culver
  • Fire Fighter Brandon Dias
  • Fire Fighter Adam Dorame
  • Fire Fighter Kyle Eden
  • Fire Fighter Brendon Hunt
  • Fire Fighter Zachary Kling
  • Fire Fighter Blake Lautenschlager
  • Fire Fighter Michael Long
  • Fire Fighter Omar Lopez
  • Fire Fighter Jonathan Lu
  • Fire Fighter Thomas Lucas
  • Fire Fighter David Matyas
  • Fire Fighter Matthew Mihlhauser
  • Fire Fighter Alexis Miller
  • Fire Fighter Kyle Miller
  • Fire Fighter Eric Moreno
  • Fire Fighter Timothy Morey
  • Fire Fighter Andrew Muller III
  • Fire Fighter Jeremy Munyon
  • Fire Fighter Derreck Murphy
  • Fire Fighter Chadwick Pansini
  • Fire Fighter Jonathan Plasencia
  • Fire Fighter Kody Renz
  • Fire Fighter Gabriel Robinson
  • Fire Fighter Cristian Sanchez
  • Fire Fighter Kevin Sellz
  • Fire Fighter Scott Seymour
  • Fire Fighter John Simko
  • Fire Fighter Michael St. Andrew
  • Fire Fighter Kit Tam
  • Fire Fighter Freddy Tovar
  • Fire Fighter David Trujillo
  • Fire Fighter Elven Ventura
  • Fire Fighter Cameron Weeks
  • Fire Fighter Tyler Wogoman