Handling the Heat


Pool and Water Safety

Spanish language version of the video here

Heat Wave Safety Tips

Are you at risk? Do you know the signs of a heat  related emergencies such as :

  • Heat Cramps
  • Heat exhaustion
  • Heat Stroke

See the following Heat Emergency Safety Tip Video to help avoid being overcome by the scorching sun during the summer months.



Children drown without a sound. Learn the ABC’s of Pool Safety. The Los Angeles County Fire Department urges everyone to stay safe this summer whenever using a swimming pool, especially young children. It only takes a FEW SECONDS for a child to drown. Drowning is the leading cause of the ACCIDENTAL death in children under 5 year of age. We endorse and support the life-saving messages in a new pool safety website:



Mosquito Warning

There has been a lot of information on Zika in the news lately. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is closely monitoring the Zika virus and will provide updates as new information becomes available. Here are some ways to keep from getting Zika virus disease.

Public Health Info