Scorpion Internet Marketing Donates to LACoFD Foundation

By April 20, 2018LACoFD News
LACoFD Foundation presents a shadow box, featuring memorabilia from December 2017 Rye Fire to Scorpion Internet Marketing.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department Foundation held a recognition ceremony at Scorpion Internet Marketing Headquarters on Thursday, April 12, 2018. The Foundation’s board members, including Fire Chief Daryl L. Osby, presented a shadow box that features memorabilia from the December 2017 Rye Fire as an expression of their gratitude for Scorpion’s donation of a new website.

Scorpion developed and designed the Foundation’s website as a thank you to LACoFD for saving homes belonging to their employees during the Placerita Fire in June 2017, and for containing the Rye Fire near Scorpion’s Headquarters this past December. In addition to the creation of the website, Scorpion is also providing ongoing maintenance and support.

“I appreciate Scorpion’s contribution and professionalism. They exemplified excellent service in their production of the Foundation’s website. The Board and I look forward to a continued relationship with Scorpion Internet Marketing,” said retired LACoFD Assistant Chief and Foundation President Jim Kross.

Scorpion’s donation will positively impact the Foundation, helping it to better achieve its goal of raising awareness of the need for fire and life safety education and developing the avenues needed to provide that education to the public in coordination with the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

Visit the Foundation’s website at