Shane Cook Honored as LACoFD Nurse of the Year

Shane Cook Honored as LACoFD Nurse of the Year

Senior Nursing Instructor Shane Cook (bottom right, wearing a red name badge), along with nurses from various County departments, was honored as one of the County’s “Outstanding Nurses of the Year”.

In support of National Nurses Week, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors recognized all the nurses in the County’s workforce at its meeting on Tuesday, May 8.  The Board also honored individual nurses from various departments as “Outstanding Nurses of the Year”, including Senior Nursing Instructor Shane Cook, R.N., M.S.N., from the Los Angeles County Fire Department’s (LACoFD) Emergency Medical Services Bureau.

First District Supervisor Hilda Solis Congratulates Nurses

First District Supervisor Hilda Solis congratulates nurses, including LACoFD’s Senior Nursing Instructor Shane Cook from the EMS Bureau.

“We want to thank you and your families for the incredible work that you do every single day to help our residents,” said First District Supervisor Hilda Solis.

Cook joined LACoFD in 2016, but has worked as a nurse for 18 years.  After receiving recognition from the Board, he immediately traveled to the EMS and Fire Summit in Denver, Colorado, where he received a Zoll Pulse Award for his commitment to improving patients’ lives. 

Described by peers as a true EMS champion and advocate for patient care, Cook works tirelessly to improve cardiac arrest management.  As part of the Cardiac Arrest Quality Improvement Team, he helped develop a pilot project which uses a Zoll cardiac monitor and activates a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) metronome and voice prompt to regulate, time and measure the depth of chest compressions.  This mechanism ensures compressions are performed at the correct rate and depth with as few pauses as possible, ensuring a better outcome for cardiac arrest patients.