South Gate Police Officers Recognized for Assisting LACoFD

By July 25, 2019LACoFD News
South Gate Police Officers Honored for Assisting LACoFD

Officers Krisman and Marcias receive formal recognition from LACoFD and South Gate City Council members.

On Tuesday, July 23, 2019, representatives from the Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACoFD) attended the South Gate City Council meeting to personally honor South Gate police officers Aaron Krisman and Arturo Macias.

LACoFD Battalion Chief Roland Sprewell presented the officers with a certificate of recognition for their heroic acts.

During a 2016 medical emergency, the police officers helped a patient who was profusely bleeding after using a power tool and accidentally cutting his thigh. Officers Krisman and Macias acted quickly and created a tourniquet out of the patient’s belt and used a child’s shirt to help stop the bleeding.

The officers provided life-saving care until LACoFD firefighters arrived on scene to stabilize the patient and rush him to a local hospital where he received further treatment. The patient has since made a full recovery.