Remembering Captain Hall and FFS Quinones on Station Fire Anniversary

By August 31, 2018LACoFD Home, LACoFD News
Station Fire Nine Year Anniversary

On Thursday, August 30, the Los Angeles County Fire County Fire Department (LACoFD) remembered two fallen firefighters – Fire Captain Ted Hall and Fire Fighter Specialist (FFS) Arnie Quinones – on the nine-year anniversary of the Station Fire that swept over Camp 16 on Mt. Gleason in 2009. They were proud, cherished family men, and courageous firefighters who gave their lives bravely battling an intense fire that was fueled by strong, erratic winds and prolonged drought.

Incident reports tell us that despite careful planning, “…the fire quickly and unexpectedly pushed across the west end of the Camp and then almost instantly surrounded and burned through the entire compound.” Hall and Quinones did not have sufficient time to return to the safety of the Camp area from a firing operation along Mt. Gleason Road.

“The Station Fire is fresh on our minds, because we still remember Captain Hall and FFS Quinones,” said North Operations Bureau Deputy Fire Chief Vince Pena who pointed out how deadly wildfires have historically been during certain times of the year. LACoFD has lost 18 individuals (fire fighters, fire suppression aids, and inmates) since 1955 while fighting fires that occurred between the dates of August 20 and September 2.

• Glen Allen Fire (August 20, 1993 / Altadena)
• Canyon Inn Fire (August 24, 1968 / Duarte)
• Station Fire (August 30, 2009 / Angeles National Forest)
• Hacienda Fire (September 2, 1955 / La Habra Heights)

Today, in collaboration with the United States Forest Service, LACoFD is working on the remediation of Camp 16 with efforts focused on developing a memorial site for the 10th anniversary. The exact location of the memorial is to be determined, making it easily accessible to visitors is a top priority.