More Super Scoopers Arrive in Los Angeles County

By October 9, 2015LACoFD News
A fourth Super Scooper arrives at Van Nuys Airport the afternoon of Oct. 2.

Two more Super Scoopers arrived in Los Angeles County on Oct. 2 to augment the Fire Department’s fixed wing aircraft and helicopter fleet, marking the first time that the Department has ever leased four of the amphibious aircraft at once.

The additional Super Scoopers will be here through Nov. 30; however, the term can be extended as necessary.

The Board of Supervisors in 2011 approved a 5-year agreement with the government of Quebec to lease two aircraft from Sept. 1 through Nov. 30 each year. With the recent arrivals, the Fire Department now has four Super Scoopers to fight any brush fires during the Santa Ana wind season from October through January.

The unprecedented four-year drought has created highly flammable conditions throughout the state. The aircraft will help local firefighters quickly contain brush fires before they get out of control.

A Super Scooper—the common name for a Bombardier CL-415—can skim more than 1,600 gallons of water off the surface of a lake, reservoir or ocean and inject the water with foam in 12 seconds. The water is then dropped on a fire.

The Super Scoopers were put in service Oct. 9, and have already been dispatched to brush fire calls.

Featured photo: A fourth Super Scooper arrives at Van Nuys Airport the afternoon of Oct. 2. Photo by LACoFD volunteer photographer Gene Blevins.