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Our Mission

The mission of the Los Angeles County Fire Department is to protect lives, the environment, and property by providing prompt, skillful, and cost-effective fire protection and life safety services.

Our Vision

The Los Angeles County Fire Department will be an exemplary organization acclaimed for our national reputation, our regional strength, and our hometown attentiveness as we provide fire protection and life safety services.

The County of Los Angeles Fire Department has a very rich and unique history, which is full of innovation, and daring accomplishments. From designing the 911 system and initiating a paramedic program in the 1970s to the current day USAR and Homeland Security sections, our fire department is a leader and a model to fire departments around the world. Our Department’s ability to develop new techniques and equipment to fight fires of all kinds has benefited not only the residents we serve, but the fire service in general, both nationally and internationally. Some of our other major innovations include:

Our Strategic Plan is designed to address short- and long-term challenges. Download our Strategic Plan to view the road map to accomplishing our goals.

Public Safety

Development and implementation of the 911 Emergency System, which, due to its success, was implemented throughout the country. This was also the model used for the call box system along California’s Freeway systems.


  • Implementation of the “Smokey Pack” wildland hose lay.
  • Pioneered and implemented the IAFF Fire Ground Survival Program.
  • Pioneered and implemented the IAFF Wellness-Fitness Initiative
Emergency Medical Services 

  • Design and implemented the Fire Paramedic Program, which became immortalized around the world through the 1970s television show Emergency!
  • Development of key industry equipment and all-risk tools, e.g., “Miller” board, Kross Kit, and “Cearly” strap.
Los Angeles County Ocean Lifeguards 

  • Development of the first certified SCUBA safety program in the United States.
  • Development of the first SCUBA diving training manual.
  • Development of the Junior Lifeguard program.
Urban Search and Rescue

  • Development of the Canine Search and Rescue program.
  • Development of the Swift Water Rescue program.
  • Development of a qualified USAR “Heavy Team.” 
Heavy Equipment 

  • Creation of four dozer teams that can respond to any all-risk incidents.
  • The first use of a bulldozer on a brush fire.
  • Use of the brush crusher for prescribed burns.
Air Operations

  • Development of the first 100-gallon drop tank.
  • Incorporated 24-hour Night Air Squad.
  • Implementation of the Firehawk helicopter with its 1,000 gallon drop tank.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department’s special tax pays for essential fire suppression and emergency medical services. Approved by voters in 1997, the Special Tax is billed on the Annual Property Tax Bill under Detail of Taxes Due, Direct Assessments.

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